It has come to my attention that people in the Corporate sector are seriously left out of the Fashion loop when it comes to sourcing online inspiration.

I have spent the past two hours cruising the internet scouring, digging, excavating any and all blogs/websites/clothing labels that could possibly piece together an edgy sophisticated look for people who spend Monday-Friday (sometimes even Saturdays) in the office meeting clients, litigating, mitigating and being ever-so frustrated at the wrinkled suit or coffee-stained shirt.

This is a niche I am going to attempt to fill with WEEKLY posts on what is and can be sourced from current trends for your daily workwear attire.

Everyone knows the key to success is to dress for it. We also know the 2 or sometimes 3 piece suit can get incredibly boring and the corporate attire can become our go-to comfort-zone uniform. It is when it turns into a uniform that it stops being an attire you adorn yourself with pride.

Yes, we all wish we would fork out thousands on designer suits, and perhaps once we've climbed a bit (or if you're already there... my apologies) we can indulge.

I admit, in this area of fashion, men are better covered than women, because men become sex on legs in a good damned suit. (GODDAMN-YOU-RYANGOSLING)

Anyway, having recently entered into the world of Litigation and a Corporate environment I have noticed here and there, people slowly stop caring about what they wear and then they stop caring about ironing their clothes and just look like a dishevelled work-a-holic. Now, even if you are, there's no need to look it. COME ON PEOPLE! Enjoy yourself as much as the coffee you lustfully purchase like your next hit of caffeine releasing heroin.

NOW, here are some picks for the men and ladies to enjoy for this week as a source of inspiration. When I say inspiration, I do mean it in every sense of the word. NO need to go out and purchase THE exact designer item. The whole point is to provide an idea, or a different take on what you wear to work. If you can find a designer-inspired version, go for it.

Women's workwear inspiration.

Christian Louboutin - Miss Penniman Patent Leather Pumps (7cm) - £375. A bright pair of pumps is a great way to liven up an outfit, even if you are partial to jet black suits (like myself).

Roksanda Ilincic - Crepe Wool Dress w/ Belt - £800. Available here
Now I am always a fan of a long-sleeve dress, mainly due to the fact ALL offices and Court houses have incredibly strong air conditioning. I am NOT a fan of the white belt though. 

Mary Katrantzou - Etrusci printed cotton-silk dress - £1,710. Available from Browns
I would advise, wearing this with a black blazer, or white, if you can get away with an office day and not having to go into Court. I have seen Counsel wear some amazingly colourful outfits to make submissions so there's no reason why you cannot BUT they are Counsel. The dress is daring enough given the bright geometrics so pair it with opaque stockings, nice black pumps (do not do that gross thing where you pair it with nude pumps or coloured pumps, ever). You could also try adopting a cropped collar-less blazer/jacket. 

Mary Katrantzou - Stamp printed silk lawyered skirt - £1,265. Available here.
Now, if you know how to be daring and pair this with either a white blouse and black clean lined blazer along with some pumps and sheer stockings. You will shine. BUT you can borderline on looking unprofessional unless you pair it with a blazer. Also, being in all black and making this the focus piece of your 'suit' is also an option. An option I would be adopting. 

Valetino - Stretch ribbed knit - £1,635. Available Here

I am dying for a ripped knit dress for winter and if I could, I would totally splurge on this. It is perfect to also hide a big bust because of the the cut of the dress. 

However, do be warned if you are on the curvier side, the empire waist cut may not be as flattering as others would lead you to believe. 

Firstly and foremost it divides your torso to look much shorter than it actually is and the skater bottom of the dress can lead to a frumpy look. 

If you are on the thinner side and lack shape, i.e you have what some would describe as the 'surf-board' silhouette, this can help add body to your frame. 

Also, take height into account with this look, and always be mindful, no matter what, a LONG blazer will look much nicer on this outfit than a short blazer in a professional setting. 

Vince - relaxed linen knit - £195. Available here.
Well, well, well - this my friends is what you call the daring-to-dare piece. This is something perfectly suited to those who want to mix it up but are still afraid to dip their little toes into the ocean of experimentation. 

Try this with a crisp white (or jet black) business shirt (silk preferably) in your standard pants or skirt suit. You will give the impression of a three-piece and it will add life to your outfit. 

Furthermore, you can always add a pair of black OR nude pumps depending on whether you want a uniformed look or an elongation of your lovely legs (nude). 

Christian Louboutin - Manovra spiked patent leather pumps - £575. Available at Browns.

These are a great way to shake things up with your work-wear, not to mention they can keep you in your comfort zone and you can use them with almost anything. 

Men's workwear inspiration.

ALEXANDER MCQUEEN - Geometric Printed Cotton Jacket - £895. Available here.

Now, I don't know how well mixed suits are welcomed for men in the work place but that doesn't mean you have to hold back from finding out. Take a spare matching jacket just incase if you are a bit nervous. 

ALEXANDER MCQUEEN - Weave Printed Cotton Trousers - £495. Available here

Just saying, these pants and the above jacket... 

JIL SANDER - Tailored Wool-Mohair Trousers - £435. Available here.

I find a lot of men under estimate the power and strength behind a navy coloured suit, furthermore they under estimate the potential behind a well made suit. You need not invest in those 'super wrinkle-free/water resistant/technologically constructed' suits that come in either black or gun-metal grey. Not, that there's anything wrong with those particular colours but, I am just saying, you can tell when the suit is of good quality or simply pretending to be. 
PS: Navy suits EVERYTHING. 

ALDEN - Cordovan Leather Brogues - £705. Available Here.

This particular shade of brown is amazing because it's wine-tinted and almost becomes a black in the right light. Suits everything! 

Extra tips.
  • MEN: Scarves are one of your best accessories as well and never ignore a good tie choice. Do not wait for a special occasion. Also, try to be unconventional in a conventional manner, i.e preppy ties can look really awesome without looking like you try to hard.
  • WOMEN: Scarves are also your friends but don't over do it, by using one on you and your handbag. PICK one.
    • Patterned stockings.. there IS a limit to how many patterns become disgusting rather than intricately interesting. WOLFORD made good ones. 
I would love to hear your thoughts, if you enjoyed this kind of post or hated it, or want this to happen more often. We can try expand on this in accordance with your wants and needs! 


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