2013. The year to play it mean!

Alas, another year has come and gone and with it, I'm desperately hoping, so too will the awful awful tendencies which flooded our market (ok ok SOME of it was awesome but most was just shit).

So, if you are lacking inspiration on how to brighten up your 2013, I suggest you take a page out of A Girl, A Style's book (ermm I mean blog) and read her latest post 10 ways to sparkle seriously though, it's really nice and cheerful and made me smile.

I've spent most my days planning for my upcoming trip to South America, juggling with the reality of officially having finished my Law Degree (and now finding a job) AND coming to terms with what I am to do for the rest of my life... Ahhh yeah it's the mid twenties crisis we all blissfully dread. Not to worry, I'm taking advice from 'Girls' (2011) so surely, I'll find some 'crack spirit guide' to show me the way, or I can just become a fabulous Au Pair and travel everywhere until I'm 30 and meet some handsome something something and elope. *sigh* - That won't work will it?

Either way, I'll keep you informed as the crisis progresses - think of it as a - reporting on the zombie invasion within my mind. Get it? Because facing reality turns you into a zombie? Eh eh? PEARL JAM PEOPLE! COME ON! 'Do the evolution!'.

ANYWAY - Here are some pretty pictures I found on Pinterest - yes, I hasssss one of those now too, because the artistic partial nudity on my tumblr may not suffice!

Also you should totally check out FMC Magazine - not just because I run it but totally because ISSUE TWO IS FINALLY OUT! Oh yeah! Click here for issue 2 of FMC

AND if that weren't enough of fun-soaking-sensually-provoking-artistically-fashionable-knowledge to tug at your heart strings and tickle your toes... here are a bunch of pretty pictures for you to look at! WOOT!

Excuse me whilst I go back to eating Cookies&Cream Ice Cream on this sweltering 30 degree Celsius night (it's 1am EST Sydney) - and try finish Downton Abbey!


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