Summer 2013.

So yes, I've been away for AWHILE. I feel like I should turn this into my public apology blog because reading back most my posts read as 'I'm really sorry here look at some nice pictures!' I've neglected FMC Magazine as well, not intentionally of course, there have been a few things going on which are beyond my control but I promise everything will be up and running ASAP. I may even need to arrange a Spring/Summer edition of FMC so that instead of making it quarterly, it will transfer into bi-annually. Eitherway. Here's my Summer 2013 inspiration. I'm sorry I didn't get to mesh it into an awesome mood board. Also remember this summer is all about pastels for some unknown reason... and one-pieces (which I totally love). But seriously? Pastels? Are we entering into a summer candy land with chunky ugly shoes? If so, I'm out. I renounce right here.
Sources: aguadecoco, zimmerman, dion lee, Damyller Brasil, Arezzo


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