Never fear! Fashion week is here! Your dress up guide and more...

So as I began the daunting task of (gasp-deciding-what-to-wear-and-how-fashionistas-judge) the invites are rolling in, the nerves are building and the business cards are STILL not in my hands. All on the even of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia. Moonlighting as a long-time blogger, law student (with a keen interest in Criminal law), and Editor in Chief & Founder of FMC Magazine, the pressure is slowly building up and so are the expectations. Fashion Palette was aside from sitting for almost 7 hours with interval 10min breaks and sadly no food - AMAZING! We were starving but the runway shows were our food for the day. So if you have me on Instagram (and if you don't you should because I will be posting all through Fashion Week!!! My username is PattytriciaFMC. Here are a few snap shots I took for FMC which are up on our Facebook page (which you can go and like HERE). The runway choreography improved dramatically the second day which was really appreciated as we were able to view pieces properly and with time.

Laura Damelian

Me (left) and Natalie our stylist.

Laura Damelian

The show is about to begin!

Carriageworks TRANSFORMED!

In other news I thought I'd write up a mini piece on 'How to Dress/Act - for Fashion Week'. First and foremost, take note of which photographers are attending... I recently found out THE Tommy Ton from Jak&Jill and Vogue USA is attending. Pointers, his style is a focus on stand out pieces. So if you are an aspiring fashionista wanting to soak up some lime-light. Then canvass his blog and get a feel for his stuff. This isn't a 'how to get snapped up' guide. BUT if that's what you want to do, then I'd say RESEARCH is key. I'm a low-key individual. So this is as far my advice can probably go in terms of seeking lime light.

1. Look to your fashion mentor/idol. For me this is Carine, Julia and Emanuelle. They always look COMFORTABLE and stylish in what they wear. Judging from the clothes many power players were wearing at Fashion Palette, this is key.

2. Have a statement piece. Whether it is a pair of shoes, a clutch, a belt, ANYTHING. Use this to your advantage.

3. BLACK IS encouraged. I know, I am coming from a biased stand point BUT ALL black is perfectly acceptable, as long as it is done right. Embrace texture mixing, embrace chains, embrace it all. You can turn a plain black outfit in clean chic or rocker chic depending on how you accessorise. Which kind of ties into rule number 2. Statement pieces.

4. Embrace your style. There's nothing worse than a woman or man who isn't comfortable in their own skin. So first of all, embrace your individual sense of style, there are many prominent names in the business I can rattle off to illustrate this point but I am sure this isn't necessary. There's nothing sexier than a person who is comfortable in their own skin and style. So if you're indie, INDIE yourself out. If you're punk, OWN it. If you're polished, well… you get the picture.

5. Appreciate the models, don't aspire and compare. There's nothing worse for your self esteem than comparing yourself to a model. Always remember they are paid to be models so they have to go the extra mile to be a model. They are gorgeous in their own ways, they are thin because they need to fit into sample sizes, remember that! All runway clothes are sample sizes. Take comfort in knowing you are beautiful and don't compare yourself. It's not healthy for you, and nothing stands out more than a sad person with low self esteem.

6. Have GOOD etiquette. Do not openly express disgust at a collection LOUDLY. Chances are family and friends of the designer are also at the show, attending to support their efforts and nothing is more of a faux pas than acting like a diva and being rude. A HUGE NO-NO. Do not do this under any circumstance. Save your negative opinions for the down-time with your fellow friends, not the public.

7. Take an SLR or handy digi cam! If you manage to score incredible seating, why not use the opportunity to take some nice images front row? On your phone or on a camera for future reference?

7. Have FUN!
Sources: Jak&Jill - of course.


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