Sneak PEAK behind the first issue of FMC Magazine

My alarm began chirping 6am on a Saturday morning, quite the opposite of what the norm experience as most people are crawling into bed after TGIF drinks stretching into bar-hopping stretching into street stumbling ending in pillow tumbling.

Up I hopped, dressed I got and off we went to our scouted on-location sight to endeavour through an early morning shoot which little did we know would last for most of the day.

Ellery, Saveus, Pinclove, ShowPony, Stolen Girl Friend's Club, Kahlo just to name a few made appearances in the dust bags I was carting around mentally arranging, rearranging, organising, coordinating and matching looks to compile a total of 10 looks which brilliantly morphed the shoot into a creepy high-fashion minimalist inspirational spread.

I was so proud of everyone's hard work on set yesterday, our models were an absolute delight to work with, the photographer was amazing! Always open to suggestions and this allowed a creativity interactive fusion of ideas which transpired cohesively onto the works produced.

The makeup artist was amazing! Brilliant in her our right! The fashion-editorial assistant (my sister) and my mum! Yes my mum! Were BRILLIANT! Doing the running around I was unable to attend to as I changed, rearranged and matched the models. I don't know what I would have done without them.

Also our Beauty Editor was brilliant! She was on the ball for the entire time and went above and beyond to help things run smoothly!

I can't wait until the first issue comes out in April! I'm eagerly waiting for Jason to get back to me with the prints so we can begin the culling and compiling process.

Also watch out as we have interviews with ToniMay, Saveus and the lovely ladies from Desordre amongst many others in our first issue =)

Excited? Just a tad!

Source: FMC Magazine


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