Golden Globe 2012 - Hits so far!

So here are my picks so far given what is available online at the moment... pictures I am sure will flood online within the next week or so.

Sarah Michelle in Monique - topping my list for obvious non-cliché reason - It takes guts to rocks a trend of patterned couture amidst people wearing sequence, chiffon, and blocked dresses

This is one of my top picks. Welcome back Ms Danes. Gown by J.Mendel.

I'm not sure I'm loving Mila's Dior gown, but I'm not hating it either

I also dislike Ms Richie stemming back from 'The Simple Life' days hence I'm surprised I do not hate this - Julien MacDonald

I really dislike Ms Jolie-Pitt, HOWEVER I really like this dress, it's almost reminiscent of a Koraline graffitti art work with the peeping red

I picked this as a top contender because it is almost identical to the graduation gown I designed for myself - hence I'm bias

Charlize rocking Couture Dior like a rockstar.

Zoey Deschanel - looking the pixel sequencing on this gown

Michelle Williams in Jason Wu!

Once I get a good picture of Mr Depp he's also being posted up as I loved his aristocratic vibe - A few others escape a mention at the moment but there will definitely be a 'shit-list' a certain 'je ne seis quoi - THEY were thinking?'

I do not care if it's from the latest line and it looks beautiful on the mannequin, it's a mannequin/model - NOT everyone can wear a draped oversized empire waistline, but too many actresses are being told 'no darhhhhhh-ling it's faaaaaaaaaaaab-ulous' when they should just be saying 'don't even try it on'.

Nathalie Portman, normally makes this list but I'm not loving Lanvin on her!

Source: redcarpet-fashion;; nylonmag


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