Carine Quits =(

So I'm devastated. Completely and utterly devastated.

Here's a good post sourcing all links which have made tribute to Carine Roitfeld - just click here and see also a photo tribute made by Fashionologie here.

Also please read this farewell letter written from Not Just Another Milla - here

Keep posted because after the x-mas and NYE cheer, I shall be posting a suggested topic by one of my dear friends in a more serious and appreciative tone - concerning Lena T, Albino models and Crystal Renn, the outliers of the fashion norm which are now becoming fashion forward. (I secretly love Crystal Renn and had I seen her photos before a shoot I did I may have had a different eye for my own pictures.

For now I leave you with one picture of Lela T which was published under Ms Roitfelds' wing.


  1. Thanks so much for mentioning my blog! Those images just show how advanced, open and beeping amazing Vogue Paris is. One of my Christmas presents was a subscription so I will never be without a copy, for a year at least...

    Who do you think will take over?

  2. People whisper Anna Del Russo will but I haven't read enough of Vogue Japan to support an affirmative opinion...

    I'd like to think it'll be Emanuelle Alt... she's the only other one I can think of who can keep the level from dropping unless by some miracle Grace Coddington gets called in... other than that.. I'm not sure.

    What would be scandalous is, if Tom Ford were called in out of the blue.

    Now that would shake up the fashion industry immensely.


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