Haute Couture, with a Cup of Tea.

Stand outs for far, for the much awaited Haute Couture lines have been CD, Chanel and Givenchy.
Galliano and Lagerfeld, please can you stop causing jaw-dropping gasps if admiration, it's happening way to often.
Ok, I kid, don't ever stop. Ever.

The colours by CD were/are amazing and I'm sure the Haute Couture influence will find its way filtered down, watered through, into our everyday wear as per usual, but only this time, I hope it's 'inspired' well. The lion theme by Chanel, I'm not too sure about but their overcoats don't look High Fashion at all but rather like the left overs from the Winter collection Karl simply forgot to place into his previous show. Hmmm. Givenchy, well I love the surrealism and the gowns and I wants (sic) them all. Seriously.

Christian Dior



Source: FashionWireDaily.com


  1. Givenchy was great, most people said it looked like the last collection of McQueen... I didn't think so thou.
    Loving your blog dear, following you via bloglovin


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