Back from Travelling.

Well my people I had an amazing commencement to my summer traveling through Chile. I did a lot of partying, met alot of amazing people and saw many amazing sceneries I will be sure to go back next summer.

So for now as I recover I've purchased my first fix of fashion heaven, RUSSH 01/10 and I must say Proenza = Love and I believe I had said so when the collection came out. Do you remember? I'm sure you do.

Anyhow, if you're looking for a beautiful 12 month calendar for 2010, I recommend heading over to Miss @ la Playa and download her amazingly pieced together calendar.

Secondly, I've noticed compared to the street style I've been exposed to in Chile, Sydney has let me down just a little this summer, nothing too impressive or influential to report. Roman sandals, denim shorts, oversized tees... *sigh*

In Chile I saw jump suits, short dresses with patterned tights, sandals like this..

Paired with tights and micro mini dresses and oversized jewelry it was lovely!!!

*sigh* Chile I miss you terribly.


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