Via Uno

Well my darlings, I am writing to you directly from Santiago Chile, the weather has been kinda of strange, hot one day, cold the next, especially at night but the people watching, and suburban adventures are been many.

I went on my first official shopping expedition the other day and fell in love with Via Uno shoes, of course direct from Brazil, typical. Brazilian shoes tend to be the most comfortable even at increible heights!

I walked away with some amazing flats and all black peep toe wedges.

The street style here is incredibly mixed and unlike what I originally intended, which was, to take pictures galour, I have been advised that whipping out my Nikon will result in theft!

So I have abstained from it... sadly enough.

But I will attempt to describe the summer wear here, it is mainly short denims, somewhat ages and bleached, tights, usually two thirds of the leg in length, oversized white kaftans on top with a dark coloured bra underneath and not to mention a mixture between, singlets and long sleeves.

I have been getting nods of approval from higher class women who have spotted me in my denim mini skirt, with 3/4 tights, sky high wedges or amazing flats (which I just got) and my Carla Zampatti blazer. Accessories galour of course, I have a vintage airforce broach on my left and an oversized silk flower on my right and I delicious black sadle bag which gives more height to my already tall frame. All around not a bad mix.

I was so excited I came across a blazer in Alaia which had the colar completely studded but alas I wanted to size up so I could wear a jumper underneath and there were none left! Unbelievably sad I must say... I looked like a modification Miss at la Playa or Garance would swoon over.

Oh well.

I am off for now and I leave you with a link to Via Uno and some images of my shoes!


My flat sandals Here and my wedges Here.

I must admit I have never in my life owned a pair of wedges which are so incredibly high and so incredibly soft and comfortable to wear!! I am in LOVE! And the best part of this store is they make handbags in the matching seasonal tones of the shoes and the name texture of leather! Complete and utter genius of those of us who like owning the matched collections of accessories!


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