Dakota Fanning the Gwyneth Paltrow of Our Generation.

I've a loyal follower of Coco's Tea Party, I love her hits and misses but more importantly I love how she keeps me up to date on starlets who evolve into Style Icons.

In particular, many of you have noticed her Dakota crush and not to mention Blake's hate to love transformation (for the record I've always loved Blake, despite what she wore last year! She's amazing!).

Therefore, I find that after visiting Coco's blog today (whilst procrastinating instead of revising for my Criminal law exam Saturday), I found a striking flash back.

Then it hit me.

Gwyneth and Dakota.

Dakota, I dare say is OUR generation's answer to Gwyneth. Yes, I said it, I stick by it.

This of course then got me thinking about the movie Great Expectations and how amazing it was, and inspiring on simplistic aristocratic style and exuberance through extravagant nature that was the elder lady who's name I can never remember. Mrs Habersham? No? Oh well.

Source: Coco's Tea Party; IMDB; Great Expectations.


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