Stumbling upon Armani Exchange recently, simply because I procrastinate greatly when I'm in the middle of exams, I came across a new feature on the Armani Exchange webpage.

It seems like, everything these days needs to be made accessible for the technological generation (Gen Y) and above, therefore, A|X came up with an awesome concept. It's basically grasping the internet to create a more 'behind the scenes' look at what goes on with their sponsored events, or shows and even parties.

In early October, A|X:TV was released and is quickly taking over all things multi-media in regards to fashion.

You get access to a channel called the Armani Exchange Life Video system which features, weekly updates on trends, shows and the newest feature, video-diary entries made by the A|X models and an inside look into the night-life. It's almost like reality TV means fashion bourgeoisie.

It will also feature an interview module in which DJ's will be interviewed and a bit of vlogging by them will also be done.

I was scoping it out and they actually facilitated the feed streaming into YouTube, FB and MySpace, which means when the Fall lines start getting organised and shot, this channel will be providing all the 'behind the scenes' access to the campaigns.

I was contacted by the A|X Rep, and invited to share a special invite only link to the new feature, so for all my loyal readers who have stuck by me through this busy time (and lack of posting), here's a special treat!


Just click on the link to gain instant access to Armani Exchange's answer to FTV online!


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