Paris and Milan Straight off the Catwalk.

How many of you have found the PERFECT outfit you want all to yourself before it reaches stores? (Trust me if I had the budget, there'd be more than one I'd purchase/preorder).

Remember my picks from Fashion week UK? Or even my critique on Rodarte?

I admit I've kept it low for Milan and soon to be Paris, because I find both fashion weeks receive the most coverage.

Anyway, I came across this really interesting concept of pre-ordering looks right off the runway? Yay or Nay?

What do you think?

Luis Via Roma, is offering pre-orders from 28th Sept until 8th Oct, so I suggest if you do embrace the concept to head on over there asap!

Did I mention they do discounts at ridiculously low rates.. i.e Marc Jacobs 50% off? Even ChloƩ!

Check them out :)


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