My picks: Isabel Marant RTW 2010

Firstly, I was kind of unimpressed with the manner in which, the style was downgraded to such a simplistic casual look. THEN I began to find treasures amist the looks I found were rather rushed, last minute, and in all honesty kind-of a mess.

I know I'm trash talking one of my favourite designers but it needs to be said, some blazer cuts made the models look neckless - NECKLESS? Is that 'in' now?

Above all, I'm positive designers must keep flattery of the silhouette in mind for the consumer. Eitherway I still loved it - I will not lie. The contrasts, and even some stripes, caught my attention - the fur reminds me of something she wore in a feature article I re-posted a month ago.

My Favourites!

The Other Picks.

Source: Style[dot]com


  1. I love the second look! If I was a girl, I'd rock that.

  2. Love all the nude combos!
    Isabeli is fabulous here too!

    Many kisses :)))


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