Online Shopping Feature: Boticca.

Boticca, is a new and upcoming jewelry boutique which is set to make it big. The idea driving this boutique, is providing opportunities to unknown quality and innovative designers with the opportunity to sell us their unique designs. I've always hated seeing someone else wearing a ring, I thought was 'one of a kind' then finding out of course, it isn't. This doesn't happen with the production process at Boticca, since their aim is the create a limited number of each design and maintain a sense of exclusivity and uniqueness for their products.

It's due for launch in the next few days I believe so keep your eyes on Boticca, it's going to be huge.

Here's a small sample of what's to come on Boticca. This is a Jaguar Ring by designer Harriet Smith



  1. Owwhhh that ring is KIllER! i want one just like that!

    One Love,

  2. Wow! it looks awesome!!
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  3. plzzzzzz can someone tell me where can i buy this ring from and whats the name of the company


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