Sorry Sorry - Perdon!!

I apologise for the lack of postage, I'm up to my neck with assignments right now, and what's more, I applied for honours next semester which means I'll have 18 months to write a 15,000 thesis! FUN!
Seriously though, let's pause for a moment, I shall be back after next Tuesday and do something amazing!

By the way I'm all about being brunette again, Saturday will see me head to a new hair stylist at Welsh Bay (right on the water of Sydney Harbour) to chic up my locks.

I'd also like to inform that I'm dying for the Sophia Coppola LV bag. It's amazing! However, for $4500 USD I do not have that kind of luxury in my bank account, especially since I'm travelling in November. Such a shame too, perhaps next time they should make the price more reasonable, because I know plenty of people who would rather use that amount for a down-payment on a Herm├ęs Birkin or on a Chanel 2.55 Classic Jumbo. I'm just saying...

Source: Ilvoelv


  1. I love these bags. And Sofia.

  2. I am in love with her collection for LV, it captures her essence!

  3. Beautiful photos. I absolutely adore Sofia.

  4. The LV bags are gorge! The last photo is very cute :)

  5. wow, theyre great pictures. I know what you mean about the money though. i just posted my 'ultimates' - along with the tag, "I am way too poor for my tastes" - its a sad world! haha.


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