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Following the trend of many big bloggers lately, it's time to include my picks of the bunch in the abundance of internet fashion blogging.

Miss at la Playa: In a few words, She's amazing. Monica continues to remain fresh in her fashion postings and I must admit I've a little crush on her - a blogger crush that is. Check out her latest post where she gives the update on the edgiest and trendiest online fashion magazines to date.

A Beautiful Life: Betsey, is an amazing inspirational poster. You'll find gorgeous pictures, quotes and poems on her blog, that do not borderline cliché, on the contrary, they're a breath of fresh air, so go inhale some.

Coco's Tea Party: What can I say, her posts are fashion and celebrity mixed with a fun bag of delectable trivia.

Deep In Vogue: Vera is amazing, she posts her outfits and designs (yes she designs!) and gives people the chance to purchase some of her amazing designer inspired creations at her Etsy store. Check it out now!

Starbucks and Jane: Just about awesome, covers it. She posts and shares amazing editorials and has a rock and roll - style infusion because most of the editorials she loves are precisely that, I mean who doesn't love leather pants and jackets?

Booooooom: An art blog, which posts new artists of many different mediums, great inspiration and thus they should be greatly appreciated.

Nast-Magazine: Think, Jak&Jill meets Garancé Dore.


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