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After reading up on what's occurring in the business side of fashion, with the global recession (I'm refraining from using the word crisis because I refuse to divulge the sensationalisation of it), I think it's important to know how our favourite designers are being affected and just how affected are the fashion houses financially.

For example.

Christian Lacroix: Despite his declared bankruptcy, he says he's going to push ahead with the Haute Couture collection in mid - July to prove he's not beaten yet. I just hope it's inspirational and impressive enough to help him gain some financial backing to keep his amazing talent active for the world to see. Fingers crossed Christian wows backers!

Rachel Zoe: For those who didn't enjoy her appearance in the vintage LV gown for the fashion awards, fear not. She's also making a come back to our television soon enough with the final wrap up of season two of her doco-reality.

Prada: There are reports of the Prada Fall 2009 campaign having some photos leaked/released over the net recently, critics have claimed it's 'interesting' - I'm not too sure if this a good or bad thing... hmmm

Vogue Documentary: The A. Wintour approved doco on life at Vogue has been set for release in September and yes, fellow Aussie's it will be coming to Australia (I jumped up and down with delight). Titled, The September Issue, I'm wondering how staged vs. real the documentary actually is. I guess we'll have to take a trip to the Dendy to find out. For a list of countries where the film is set to be released go here

Designer Intellectual and Property Rights : Did DVF steal a design? Read about the current issue here

Erin O'Connor: It's about time, a fashion leader takes a stand against unhealthy/unrealistic clothing sizes and pushes for larger sample sizes - discourage the Size ZERO trend. I applaud you! Especially since I've studied and worked with the effects of eating disorders on girls and not to mention men, I'm extremely happy to see someone finally taking a stand.

Source: Fashionologie

IF you want to personally skim through all the know how of fashion-news just click on the source link above and ouila!


  1. I cannot wait for season two of TRZP, I'm addicted.

  2. OMG me too! XD although I'll have to wait longer than you coco, I'm in Australia we have them aired once the series finishes showing the US


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