Rock and Roll. Three L's: Laidback Leather & Leopard.

I've been in a really big rock and roll mood lately, I've been carrying my brown leather fringe bag everywhere and I decided I'd invest in a new one!


The only thing I cannot remember, is who originally designed it, I remember seeing the fold bag on the runway and it's on the tip of my tongue but just doesn't seem to come out!

Anyhow I also got a nice floor length summer tube dress, very relaxed and très colourful full of quirky designs. Once I get the nerve up to do another shoot I'll post pics, I promise!

For now, I was browsing through LookBook and searched for Rock 'n' Roll glamour and got millions of pictures coming up, here are my favourites. I hope they inspire you to take out the leather headbands, fringe bags, gladiator sandals, and chic rock vibe they've evoked in me.

Aurevoir mes amis :)

My Favourite




  1. That last photo is fabulous!!! Great post =)

  2. :D I just ordered "Oh My Coke" t-shirt! Oh how Kate Moss is such an lasting inspiration.

  3. Hehe that shirt is hilarious! I can't wait to see it!


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