Nothing Like Fashion to Mend a Broken Heart.

I've gone through a little something something personally this week and found the thing that cheered me up the most was reading my magazines over and over and day dreaming about my future (more like positive visualisation).

Then I came across this picture on Jak & Jil

I've realised not much writing is posted by my in my entries, there are exceptions but mostly pictures and my support or awe-struck praise regarding certains pieces or accessories. Therefore I'm dedicating this entry to the mind and heart.

I always find I have certain tasks or habits I fulfill when I'm feeling a bit blue, or I've gone through some sort of change in some aspect of my life. Here's a list.

  • When ever I make a huge decision (whether to gain something or lose something) I clean out my room, completely and sort through everything. 
  • If I'm feeling a little down, I have Playlist number 25 on my Ipod which gratifies those feelings and alleviates them a little. 
  • When I'm feeling Happy, I have Playlist Number 1, 14, 26 and 8. 
  • I imagine mini movies or my own video clips for the songs I'm listening to and create an entire story. 
  • I pick up a book and begin to read it before throwing it down and picking up another and beginning that one also. 
  • When I'm extremely energetic, I dive into my pool and do laps to the point my arms and legs throb. 
  • When I'm feeling affectionate I cuddle Mylo (my Cat) and let him know he's my knight in shinning Armani. 
  • When everything is right, I hum music whilst I'm walking in public places.
  • When I'm feeling creative I love piecing together projects for my blog (i.e Fashion Calendar).
  • If I'm feeling lonely, I call my best friend (Mum) and she comforts me before I put on a DVD that will make me smile and fill me with hope. 
  • If I'm feeling like I'm going to do some emotional eating, I consider my options and make a delicious low-fat smoothie with Peaches after 2 glasses I'm very full and satisfied.
  • I go through stages where I like baking pastries. My speciality is a Dark Chocolate Cake, Creme BrulĂ©e and Vegan Cupcakes. 
  • When I'm dreaming about who I am at the age of 35, I imagine myself in an enormous Parisian Apartment throwing dinner parties with amazing eclectic people. Our topic of discussion is usually philosophy and 'saving the world'. 
  • When I'm planning my dream holiday, the first and last stops are Paris, Milan, Santorini, London, Barcelona, and NYC because on the first round I'll buy things and keep them at the stores, on the way home I'll pick them up.
  • I went through a writers' phase a year ago and carried a Moleskin notebook with me everywhere, it has all my secrets and magic poems in Spanish and English. 
  • When I'm planning my career, I make a database of the numbers and emails I have and contact all. I place pictures of where I plan on being in ten years and dust of my hands from the hard work. 

Source: Jak & Jil


  1. i hope you're okay :)

    your list is inspirational. it's a good remindeer to surround ourselves with positive things, i think sometimes it's easy for us to get sucked into our own personal negative holes when we're feeling down.

    that picture of carine is phenomenal. if i saw this woman crossing the street i think i would just be in awe. something i would remember for the rest of my life.

  2. Hey sweetie! What an inspirational post. I hope you're feeling better. Kiss

  3. I'm feeling a lot better and also wiser! :) Thanks guys

  4. could carine be any MORE fabulous? goodness, i love her.


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