In need of inspiration.

Crying for help, I find myself with 'Fashionista's Block' I've an event I'm going to Saturday night and I find myself starring at a closet full of clothing and asking myself 'What do I wear?' followed by an immediate 'I have nothing to wear' (another lie, I have millions of things hanging before me and yet I cannot fathom a simple outfit for a cruise party).
I've the gorgeous expensive halter dress with silk and sequence which I wore for my birthday, classy and elegant but perhaps too dressy. I've the outfit I wore last weekend, but surely that's a crime purely even in thought. I have the mini checkered navy dress, patent black waist belt, and 'wet look faux leather' tights with ankle boots that have a gorgeous 10cm metallic heel. I could re-wear this but alas, perhaps 'lose the belt' so it looks completely different? (Ugg no I cannot do that, it's a travesty to wear it twice especially with the same friend).
Ok, breath calm down. I've the faux wet look tights, and a black body suit top with my gold singlet (a las 70s shimmer) to layer over, perhaps with a big necklace and my black patent heels? (Ugg no, I look too 'naked' wearing tights as pants is something I can only do if the shirt extends a little below the derrière).
Scurrying through I find the perfect black and white classic dress.. I could style it 'danceable' by wearing a nice bling bling necklace, some patent heels and huge earrings, that way it won't look too plain or formal.

Oh dear, decisions, decisions. Finally I'm turning to Jak&Jill and LookBook for inspiration surely something has to pop up there where I will simply yell 'YES' before rushing to my room and hand picking each element carefully.

Deary me, help anyone?

Ok so it's been narrowed down.

I have to wear a dress according to the dress code.


  1. i wish i could help!!! good luck finding!

  2. This is what i do when im in your position.

    Turn on my radio, take ALOT of stuff out my closet and just try it on. Try on things you might have never thought of trying on and you'll find really cool stuff. When i do that i end up finding a shirt that i thought id never wear and pair it with some awesome pants and shoes and KAZAM! its an outfit. Good luck and visit my site sometime.

  3. Oh thank you so much!!! I ended up doing that with my dresses and find the perfect dress!


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