Vogue Australia 2009.

The first Vogue Australia for 09 came out and I must admit, I felt a sense of pride and dedication as I purchased it from the 7/11 on the way back from the beach. I scraped together the last of my coins (earned from tips) and had enough for the glossy bible I cherish. Whether it's Vogue Paris, Spain, India, Brasil, or USA (I'm yet to track down a Vogue Russia!) they are all my fashion bibles. Why? They reassure my predictions, I usually whisper to myself 'this will be big' 'that will be plastered everywhere' and when Vogue comes out, it is. :)

Click on the image to view the full size.

Images were scanned by me.


  1. im pretty impressed by vogue australia.

    i think vogue russia is up & coming too. i havent seen it in person though.


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