The Return.

Well my beautiful readers, I've big news to tell you. This kind of explains my lack of posts.

The overexposure is due to the intensity of the sun. Crazy!

In the past two weeks, I've been partying it up, and meeting new people and also getting writing assignments so I can get things published. First and foremost, I'm seeing someone :) He's Russian and really tall, I'm 1.74cm (5'8) and I come up to his chin. Just to give you an idea. I've been asked to write some pieces for a publication at University and for an online magazine as well. This will keep me slightly busy and hopefully help me build my portfolio up a lot more.

In the spirit of the 14th of February coming up I believe this post will be slightly love, amor, amour, amore, lie├če themed.



  1. The Notebook is, definitely THE film for Valentine's Day! ;) Or maybe A Long Engagement... I loved Amores Perros much more, actually, but is kind of harder...

  2. the man who cried, soooo good.
    i loved john (the italian singer) and kate's performances in the movie, they really stole the show.


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