Fur, Stylish or Slaughter?

Fur is Murder or Fur is for Fashion. Fur has been a controversial subject since PETA launched their war and exposé on Fur Farms in Asia and the inhumane treatment of the animals before and during their transition to coats or shrugs. I sound like I'm backing them but both parties need to be argued. I love fur, alive and what activists called 'dead'. I think it brings luxurious dimension to clothing and not to mention, if you do live in a cold climate, it's much more snug than synthetic fur. Major designers still embrace fur, like Chanel or Dior where as greener designers like Stella McCartney and now Donna Karen who are gracing the runways with animal-friendly and eco-friendly designs. It would seem Green is now becoming Chic and many people are loving it. Although to be Chic is also synonymous with being politically incorrect, hence indifference is usually praised not frowned. Perhaps changing social ideals and pedestals in which people are praised is the first step. Rather than bombarding fashion shows worth thousands of dollars, irreplaceable time and hard work with protests in order to get media exposure, why not back positive images and designers. Run more people-friendly campaigns similar to 'I'd rather go naked than wear fur' or run similar scale campaigns of animal friendly clothing, i.e have a model sporting a chic outfit and then label where everything comes from a la 'Visa Mastercard' advertising style. Read more about intelligent debating over fur here


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