What I'm diggin' right now.

I find myself seriously into a variety of things right now. If I were to illustrate what my mind is picturing it'd be something like that image pasted above. I'm really loving this long blazer I have one with three medium sized gold buttons, the fact that the blazer is navy makes it amazingly casual. I love 'I'll Kill Her' by Soko, that song is too good to describe. The new Heart Tattoo releases by Gucci didn't really grab me until I saw the wedges, now they are all I can think about and I'm contemplating buying a look - a- like pair and designing some awesome Americana image to put on the back. Although in all honesty, it'd be much easier to just fork out the $780 Saks charges for them. I just don't have that money. Especially since the last of my savings was spent yesterday on gifts. Gifts I'm extremely anxious about handing out already.

I'm awe-struck by the idea of Audrey Tautau playing Gabrielle Chanel. These two women are my aspirational influences. Coco's rise from nothing to becoming almost everything in fashion, always amazes me. Audrey Tautau has fascinated me since "A Very Long Engagement" with Gaspard Ulliel and more importantly since Ameliè.

The necklace is from Portmans, which I have to admit has come from the best line I've seen released by them, ever. Costume pearls are one of my greatest loves. Finally we have a Lifesaver Ice block, I must admit, in summer there's nothing more refreshing or fun. I mean come on, look at the pretty rainbow.

Beaut-wise, I love goats milk organic soaps. Almost all my care products are natural, I do not like complex products. I'm a person who likes knowing exactly what is going on my skin or hair. For an amazing hair experience, I recommend the Organix Coconut Shampoo, it's made with egg whites and smells amazing!

As for now, I'm going to go dream and look up Burda subscriptions, their DIY patterns are more luscious than the things I find at my local stores. I've taken a turn for the DIY and I'm kind of loving it.


  1. I know exactly how you feel, both these women are absolutely fascinating. I can not wait for the movie.

  2. and about making you a custom jacket, send me an email with your measurements babe, and I'll see what I can do. Kisses


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