That Red Sole.

I'm sorry, but I just have to say it. I am crazy. Crazy about the Red Sole that is. If for Christmas, I could get a pair of basic Louboutíns *cough*blackpumps*cough*. I'd be eternally grateful. (Until next season, that is)

Ok so I'm extremely honest, but isn't it true? We fall in love and will go beyond our own means (perhaps extending into the means of others) to get that certain shoe you cannot find anywhere which may suddenly appear on a certain auction site ridiculously overpriced. 

You suddenly begin to sweat, and crave something to settle your overwhelming impulse of clicking 'Buy it Now'. After all, it's just this last pair. Nothing else until next season. No wait, next year. We all know that's not true. We all know, next week that scarf, or dare I say handbag will pop up. Your favourite SA, manages to follow through right when you've just made a credit card ban. They ring you, and tell you something miraculous like.. It's the last one, I had to fight for it with the other SA's, I've got it on hold just for you. 

What makes it worse? You know it's not 'custom' for SA's to put things on hold. Hence, we must go in and buy it. After all, the SA went to all that trouble it'd be extremely unfair, and who knows next season they might not be so nice. 

Next season. The two words which begin to divert our attentions half way through the season we're meant to be living. Why is it, we only manage to cherish our current items for a brief period? I can tell you why. 

It's because the designers flourishing our fashion senses are currently amazing and still more amazing is the anticipation that something as spectacular may never come along, ever again. 

So I end this with an image of one of my passions, my lovers. 

 I burn; I pine; I perish. 


  1. Those are so hot if I could afford them myself I would give your a pair (; Nice blog by the way. Came to it from TFS check out mine as well

  2. Oh that's lovely of you! Perhaps one day I'll be showered with free designer gifts like the prominent fashion editors who dominate our lives. hahaha
    I love your blog i left you a comment :)


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