Soko, s-oko, so-ko

Soko, she's french, 21; and freaking awesome. Never had I heard a better song than 'I'll Kill Her' that was until I heard 'My Ex-Boyfriends'. The music is awesome and her personality bubbles in every photo she takes. Worthy of a mention, would be her style. Amazingly relaxed and rock 'n' roll chic, in all honesty, it's a look that can be rarely pulled off without looking like a try-hard or idiot. Soko, manages to do it quite well and she looks très cool. Leather jackets, layered necklaces, a boyish hair-cut and a baby-doll face are the ultimate combination for the next style muse. She also has a reminiscent stare like that of lead singer for Placebo, Brian Molko. Yet her delicate presence radiates the innocence of a child or forest princess.

Those of you in Sydney should try catch her show on the 29th December, it'll be a good way to get the real deal and feel of her tunes. Alternatively grab her CD and tell me you hate it, I dare you.
There's heaps of media exposure circulating at the moment, YEN magazine has her featured on the cover for the last 2008 issue, which should still be on the shelves. FasterLouder should have a review and photos of her Sydney show going up within the week after her actual performance. All and all, I expect big things from this girl, as she begins to make some noise and dazzle us with her gaze.

Credits: The Soko photoshoot was by Edouard Plongeon


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