Season Greetings.

Since it is the week of Christmas, or as modern consumers know it, 'the best presents of the year' followed by the even greater sales; I thought in true spirit I'd adapt my layout to a seasonal greeting vibe. I hope you like it :) I despise the red and green combination so I changed it up to a fuschia and black.

I realised, I haven't told the story behind the shoe in the header, so I'll take this opportunity to let you know. It's a Lanvin Calfskin Pump, I absolutely adore it and I've been in love with it for awhile. Hopefully in the future I'll be able to track one down and own it. Of course I'll end up wearing them either all the time or never. That shoe is the shoe for me. I love colour and I love black and well, it's just so timeless. In the sense that if Blair Waldorf really existed she wouldn't give me that deadly stare she gave to one of the 'victims' when caught in last seasons Tory Burch flats.

There's a new side-bar with a collaboration of things that inspire me, consider it my drawing board for my blog. There's also an I love Miss @ la Playa badge, feel free to use it.

I also have an email put up incase you'd like to contact me.

I'll be posting soon, hopefully on the 25th or 26th until then...

Season Greetings.


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