Quality not 'Quoi' it is.

In an attempt to make my own footprint, I've decided to make a hopefully 'regular' section called Quality not 'Quoi' it is. Although the french interpretation isn't conjugated appropriately and for that I apologise. I'm rusty on my french textual chords.

Q not Q is going to be a small section, which I hope will generate a more interactive approach amongst readers and fellow bloggers who may pass by here whilst ticking off their daily blog rolls.

Q not Q, will be about looking stylish without the hefty name dropping which in all honesty not everybody has the means to afford although I have to admit I like to think I can. Rather than creating a "look alike" for less, it's merely going to be a section concerned with style for style. I'm a firm believer than any budget can be stylish you just need Quality in it. The textures, the cuts, the fitting; it all ties in to make a tight-knit corset of style. Even when a person has the means to go above and beyond and get certain items fellow mortals yearn for, it might not work for them or for anyone who isn't the run-way model. Am I right? Yes I believe I am.

Before going off on a tangent discussing the aesthetic values or artistic vision in fashion and in particular collections which are sometimes taken directly off the runway; I'm going to head straight into it.

The Dress: Colorado, cotton-linen summer dress with front pockets and waist tie. 
Shoes: Strappy ankle sandals - bootie-esque. 
Earrings (not visible): Chanel CC studs. 
Necklace: Black beaded necklace. 
Bag: Chanel Beige Shopping Tote. 

Hair: Messy Ponytail. 
Makeup: Black bottom eyelid eyeliner; Musky light green eye shadow; Black mascara; Nude coloured gloss. 
Nails: Natural. 

Room: A Mess. 

I also want to apologise in advance for the picture quality. I am in the process of getting a SLR soon. (I hope).


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