The New Year Nine.

My family has many rituals and superstitions which we abide by on NYE. These include, eating 12 grapes, one spoon of lentils, drinking champagne with a gold ring in the base of the glass and making sure you're with your family to welcome in the New Year. Paulina, the resident astrologist of TVN (TelevisiĆ³n Nacional de Chile) has said those are good traditions but to receive we need to make offerings on all nine aspects of our lives (Love, Luck, Health, Protection, Work, Travel, Friendship, Prosperity and Happiness). Normally I'm not very openly spiritual, but this lady always seems to hit the nail on the head when it comes to my readings. Hence I decided why not try this New Year blessing she recommends? If it doesn't do any good it cannot do any harm.

What you have to remember that at the end of the day, your mind has the power to make and un-do anything. This is a rule I defend sacredly, having read many papers on willpower research in my years of Psychology. If we need to visualise it then why not?

Things to remember: Light the candles preferably on the main dining table at around 10pm-11pm and let them burn out until they extinguish on their own. As you light them ask for blessing you wish to receive, except with love, in which case you cannot specifically ask for someone to love you but you can ask for love to come to you.
Amulet: you can make an amulet for the ones you love out of these ingredients. Accordingly, after the candles burn out you take a pinch of each bowl and place it in a white cloth or handkerchief and then keep it in your bag, car, bedroom or give them to family. Not a complete waste and quiet crafty, which is something I'm very fond of.



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