So I picked up the latest issue of YEN which I highly recommend to anyone who can get a hold of it. It's an independent women's magazine and it targets a lesser mainstream of fashion, for example; we all love being decked out from head to toe (in our minds usually) in designer labels, YEN takes it to the next step of accommodating lifestyle, beliefs and political views. How so? You may ask, simple. It's front to back editorials of mixing international designers' with local designers' leaves room for experimentation for the regular consumer. When you can only afford one piece of say Chanel, Lanvin or Ann D work it with something that doesn't have to be of equal monetary value.

The fact that the magazine covers current issues, is partly why I keep reading it over and over. Not many fashion magazines, provide info on art exhibitions (even if I have no time to go, I know what's going on in Sydney), eco-friendly living (not that I'm completely innocent of living eco-friendly, I wish) and new up and coming designers' and artists. I like being provided with information from which secrets are intercepted rather than bombarded with what the highest bidder happens to provide.

This months' issue is about War and Morality, the YWYA awards, up and coming Australian artists, what's in for summer and what's really happening to your chicken and eggs when they make their way to your plate.

A must read to feed your mind with a bit of knowledge and fun. 


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