Edwardian Jewelery

Ok, now I'm usually not one to go and seek out expensive jewelery; Except for certain Polyvore challenges when the entries are SO good you need something to make a statement.

Perhaps, it's because I was browsing through Lolita fashion the other day. I love it, I wish I had the people to go out and try it one day. Dressing up in old Edwardian/Victorian aristocratic clothes and having tea and cupcakes! Oh I feel like I'm 6 again. *sigh*

Or my new found love of jewelery can be attributed to the Gabrielle Chanel profile photographs I've been admiring whilst reading her autobiography (one of the many that have been published). By the way did you know there was a theater spectacle made in her honour and ran on Broadway! Amazing isn't it?

Anyhow, back to the point.


French Art Deco Three Row Sapphire and Diamond Bracelet from Lang Antiques.

Lovely Art-Deco Diamond Earrings <3 also from Lang Antiques.

Now for the REAL beauties, the taste of the Edwardian Era.

3.31 Carat Antique Cushion Diamond Edwardian Engagement Ring.

Lucky last, a Diamond Fringe Necklace from the Victorian Era.

Much love to anyone who has the chance of purchasing such exquisite craftsmanship. I'm willing to publicly admit, that I'd be eternally grateful for a present of that caliber. Apparently men and women go crazy for jewelery wouldn't it be an interesting inquiry to run? How far are you willing to go for Diamonds? How do you show gratitude?

Perhaps it was simpler back then, in the earlier half of the 20th Century. You'd pay with company, partnership and sex, considering the later was taboo so it had all the more "value".


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