Parisian Street Style

During my regular browsing on TFS, I always save images that come from Garance, Sartorialist, and Style and the City. Hence these are my favourite pictures so far this year from my little collection.
Think of this entry as a scrapbook preview, which by the way I'm also in the process of scanning to post a few images here. Click on the image to get the full size, I made it quite large purely for the detailing benefits.

The girl in the woolen jumper impacted my style choices immensely and there's something secretly captivating about her look. I just want to be her in that moment.

The french man-boy grabbing his hair is one of most stunning stylish men I've seen in awhile.

The "parachute" pants lady is just amazing, I've been waiting for someone other than a runway model to pull those out in public and this woman has made it look casual and chic.


  1. i love Parisian street style. even if they're not french, it certainly has an effect on the way someone dresses.

  2. geek glasses from chanel are my style choice for this year! ancle boots!!! now we are talking!

  3. I feel like Parisians, ah god Europeans as a whole, are just that much cooler than State-siders...


  4. candid you are so right! It's like the vibe in Paris is inspiration enough...

    Ryder, I think geek glasses ESP. Chanel are the epitomy of a statement :)

    Something Picasso, I think that applies for Australia aswell... It must be something in their water supply.

  5. even if they're not french people just dress better in Paris. I like your picks.


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