Alright so I'm a hypocrite. I said I wouldn't make my blog like every other so I won't. BUT I found that my passion weakens my strong will so prepare for fashion galore. Perhaps not to the standard as blogs like Sartoralist or Garance.. but who knows.

Anyhow I was browsing today through the TFS threads and came across some amazing polaroids. There are some amazing polaroids of some extremely unique models out there. It's no wonder we come across shrines and fan-sites dedicated to these people. The epitome of business at it's best, scouting supreme looking beings to enforce an aspirational desire in 'we' the consumers. I wonder how much of an increase in profits would an unconventional choice result in. Then again, we the consumer demand to see aspirational beauties, even the alien look or porcelain baby-doll despite thinking they are unconventional to commercialism, they are a rare specimen of conventional unconventionality. If that makes any sense at all. I don't think advertising the size of the average woman is appropriate because the averaged sized woman is not exactly a health role model for our youth today.

HOWEVER, this does not mean that we shouldn't value our self-worth as we are. Thus the conundrum we face as humans. Wanting to look like something supreme, surreal and angelic, and captivate the attention of others, much like a male peacock sprouts his rainbow feathers. Yet, we want to accept who we are and what we look like. So we invest in the relationship that counseling psychology considers, the most important relationship in our lives, the one we have with ourselves. So why do we then live such contradictory lives? We want to idolise and at the same time we criticise. Perhaps this is what truly adds to these peoples' presence and image. The fact that their self-concept and self worth is secured and invested. If they had no self-security, wouldn't it be safe to say their presence upon entering a room would resemble that of a mouse perusing a dark alley.

So what makes a model a model? Only the professionals truly know, the je ne se quoi, quality.

The polaroid, the single most important photo of your life.

I find that polaroids more than any other photos that will ever be taken reveal the je ne se quoi even if it's for a minute second. The polaroid reveals, the sadness behind a certain look, the happiness canvassing the smile or even the fierce glare that singles you the spectator out amongst an army of followers. The polaroid.

I don't think Edwin H. Land in 1948 knew that his invention of the instant film camera would be the single most important shot a model takes in their career. The one that makes or break bookings, the one shot that makes a booking agent scream 'That's the new look, that's the look we need'. This doesn't necessarily apply solely to women, male models also have this rule applying to them as well. It's the only photo that will never be edited or airbrushed (the hard-copy anyway). Next time you take a mere polaroid, think about the importance it can have on a persons career or on a multi-billion dollar company.


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