The Beginning.

I'm starting this blog up, to primarily talk about things that most interest me. I'm not sure whether I'm going to merge both we'll see where this is headed. At the moment it's just going to be an outlet for my writing and creativity. It won't be primarily fashion, like every other blog out there. I may be harsh but true. Instead of joining an army of fashion bloggers, or music bloggers, even psychology bloggers; I'm going to give my spin on things, rather than regurgitate other news items. Hopefully my opinion won't saturate the items to the extent of having them drown, rather I hope that a fair balance keeps each post a float. 

Currently, I'm checking out the new Kings of Leon - Only by the night. It's amazing. 
When I say amazing, I mean it. The work put into it by the producers and the band out weighs their previous album which took me a few tries before it grew on me. My two favourite tracks are Closer and Cold Desert. The entire album flows and progresses in rhythm and rhyme and anyone looking for something different yet old school should definitely have a listen. 

Something to throw off any kind of blues you might be going through, I'd recommend listening the K.O.L whilst reading the current Vogue - London. A great partnership indeed, why? I'm not too sure, mainly because it's so mellow and inspirational, and so is this issue. I'm making my way from cover to cover which is the first time I've ever been able to read a Vogue from cover to cover.
Mainly because some pieces are disappointing or not worth reading past the first page. 
I think on record, an entire Vogue (mind you I've only ever bought Vogue Australia, Paris and Italia, Spain I'm still waiting to get my hands on) has never been read in my household. Then again, most fashion magazines don't always have enough soul in them to actually read. The pictures are just more explanatory and illustrate the catchy points the writers spit out in puns.

I don't know if it's a change of heart, but I've also gone through my past issues of American Scientist - Scientific Mind and have also been able to read through those. Ever the technical neuroscience articles, I usually avoid because they are a reminder of the material I didn't absorb in my lectures. Did you know Rhesus Monkeys have a "voice" identifying component in their auditory lobes? My question is, if Monkeys can identify different calls as voices, then can't the same be proven for pets, how is it they respond to their name and can differentiate from different commands? Is it our phonetical emphasis or is it in fact that they have decoded and learnt our language? Just because they haven't the biological capacity to emit our sounds and language doesn't necessarily mean their brains cannot learn simple commands and words. 

Speaking of simplicity, Rick Owen's 09 was utterly overshadowed by the overly-simplistic adornments of his head-dresses and pale-powdered models. I know people say less is more, but when "less" means completely contrasting/juxtaposing and obliterating the intricacy of the centre focus, you've got to realise during the rehearsal (pre-show) 'This isn't quite right'. Hopefully some negative reinforcement will correct the errors of his learned behaviour, if he can unlearn his styling break-through there might be something to look forward to. 

I also dwell on politics, but I'm going to expand on my readings, but for now... there's a very good friend of mine who has her political blog up and running. 


  1. i could never get into KOL before, but i happened to have the tv on one night when they were performing on SNL, and a few days later the 2 songs i briefly heard were still stuck in my head.
    i like closer & sex on fire

  2. I love closer and sex on fire but cold desert won me over :)


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