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Oh My!

It has been a very long time since I've logged into this old thing to update it.

Since starting this blog I have, gone to Law School, worked in the real world, resigned, gotten a better job, fallen in love, attended Sydney Fashion Week (twice) - launched an online magazine which has turned into a blog; launched an online photo journal with my partner...

I feel like I have left this blog aside which is really sad, as it was my starting platform for my fashion voice.

I insist on any people who have stilled checked back from time to time to head over to the FMC tumblr, where I am attempting to make weekly updates - which are a mixture of mood boards and summaries of pop culture.

I keep this blog open because it is a piece of my history.

I welcome suggestions or even comments to post once more, and I will try schedule a weekly post if and when possible for here also.

Meanwhile, I am totally obsessed with this Cara for Chanel Campaign for A/W.

Also super obsessed with Justin Gelband…

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